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Making Dreams Reality
June, 2005
Source: London Free Press


Bridlewood combines quality and distinction

It isn’t often that a house becomes a dream and then your home. Whether the cost is too high, the ideas are unimaginable or you just cannot find the right location, Bridlewood Homes can make your dream home a reality. And, even though the 2005 Dream of a Lifetime Lottery has come to a close, Bridlewood Homes continues to exceed the expectations of prospective homeowners with their innovative ideas and strong attention to detail.

This years Dream of a Lifetime Lottery home was built by Bridlewood amongst the beautiful natural settings in the Hunt Club West subdivision located on the west side of the new Oxford Street extension. This lottery campaign has been running for the past 11 years, and Bridlewood has participated for five years, beginning in 1998.

Owner and president of Bridlewood Homes, Carmine Gargarella, enjoys being part of the fundraising initiative for London healthcare. Not only is it for a great cause, but Gargarella revels in the new and innovative ideas he can bring to the table. “It’s a fun lottery to be a part of”, claims the enthusiastic Gargarella.

Bridlewood was able to showcase a number of spectacular features in this 2,846 square foot home. This particular model can be seen as an oasis of relaxation and utmost comfort with its unique foyer waterfall, exotic two-sided saltwater aquarium and impressive theatre room. From the heated ceramic flooring to the European-inspired stucco exterior, this house truly makes a statement from the inside and outside. The value of the 2005 Dream of a Lifetime Lottery home is $855,000.

But, this year’s Dream of a Lifetime Lottery home is no the only heavenly home in the area. The Hunt Club West subdivision is home to a number of lots with homes ranging in price from $350,000 and up, and the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery home showcases only some of the features Bridlewood Homes have to offer.

Hunt Club West is a self-contained subdivision that reduces traffic and adds to the peacefulness of the neighbourhood. Lots range in size from 60 to 75 feet and many back onto wooded areas.

So, Bridlewood Homes can not only build the home of your dreams, but they can do so amidst an environmentally sensitive area with trails and pathways near the Thames River. Championship golf courses, schools, churches and shopping are also located in the Hunt Club West area.

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