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Homes for all ages, all abilities and all needs. Being committed to the wants and needs of all our clients will always be our number one priority.

When approached over a decade ago by a client with accessible/barrier free applications in their home, Bridlewood Homes' recognized that the needs of a person(s) with Universal Plan design elements was in many ways a niche market that had been ignored.

Bridlewood Homes realizes that this type of design - Universal Plan Design - recognizes and accommodates the broadest possible spectrum of human ability, in all of its products and environments. It is an ideal, a goal of accommodating people of much different strength, sizes and abilities as possible. In a nutshell, it is based on common sense where design works for all walks of life.

The Barrier Free/Universal Plan design accommodates many lifestyles, without being institutional in its atmosphere. From making wider hallways and doorways, creating shower/bathing areas that require no formal barriers, implementing garage floors that are flush (level) with access to the house, to providing work areas (kitchens/offices) that are attainable for every person. Implementing this type of design into the home, without being obvious, is what true Universal Plan design embraces. It is a "smart way to build" providing comfort and convenience across the board.

Sitting down with a client, and assessing their needs, is where is all begins. Bridlewood Homes will bring forth possible solutions to make your "Dream Home" a reality.

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